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Summer Dresses

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Price Range
Was: USD$44.45 Now: USD$35.56
Was: USD$39.45 Now: USD$31.56
Was: USD$39.45 Now: USD$31.56
Was: USD$49.45 Now: USD$44.51
Was: USD$49.45 Now: USD$44.51
Was: USD$52.45 Now: USD$41.96
Was: USD$52.45 Now: USD$41.96
Was: USD$42.45 Now: USD$38.21
Was: USD$69.45 Now: USD$62.51
Was: USD$99.00 Now: USD$59.40
Was: USD$186.95 Now: USD$112.17
Was: USD$179.95 Now: USD$107.97
Was: USD$229.95 Now: USD$137.97
Was: USD$69.50 Now: USD$55.60
Was: USD$147.95 Now: USD$103.57
Was: USD$59.00 Now: USD$53.10
Was: USD$49.45 Now: USD$39.56
Was: USD$54.45 Now: USD$49.01
Was: USD$46.95 Now: USD$42.26
Was: USD$44.95 Now: USD$40.46
Was: USD$44.45 Now: USD$40.01
Was: USD$69.45 Now: USD$55.56
Was: USD$44.45 Now: USD$42.23
Was: USD$69.45 Now: USD$55.56
Was: USD$64.45 Now: USD$51.56
Was: USD$54.50 Now: USD$43.60
Was: USD$69.45 Now: USD$20.84
Was: USD$69.45 Now: USD$55.56
Was: USD$253.00 Now: USD$151.80
Was: USD$49.50 Now: USD$39.60
Was: USD$70.00 Now: USD$42.00
Was: USD$69.50 Now: USD$20.85
Was: USD$88.95 Now: USD$53.37
Was: USD$59.50 Now: USD$35.70
Was: USD$154.00 Now: USD$92.40
Was: USD$49.50 Now: USD$44.55
Was: USD$129.00 Now: USD$77.40
Was: USD$129.00 Now: USD$77.40
Was: USD$130.00 Now: USD$78.00
Was: USD$168.00 Now: USD$100.80
Was: USD$54.50 Now: USD$32.70
Was: USD$129.95 Now: USD$77.97
Was: USD$172.00 Now: USD$103.20
Was: USD$54.00 Now: USD$32.40
Was: USD$109.00 Now: USD$65.40
Was: USD$49.50 Now: USD$14.85
Was: USD$47.50 Now: USD$28.50
Was: USD$49.50 Now: USD$44.55
Was: USD$216.00 Now: USD$129.60
Was: USD$59.50 Now: USD$35.70
Was: USD$80.00 Now: USD$48.00
Was: USD$69.50 Now: USD$41.70
Was: USD$46.50 Now: USD$27.90
Was: USD$79.00 Now: USD$47.40
Was: USD$60.00 Now: USD$36.00
Was: USD$150.00 Now: USD$90.00
Was: USD$145.00 Now: USD$87.00
Was: USD$128.00 Now: USD$38.40
Was: USD$136.00 Now: USD$81.60
Was: USD$152.00 Now: USD$91.20
Items: 201 - 263 of 263
Show: 60 / Page
Page: 2 3 4 5
Here at Swell, our team has been working around the clock to bring you a fantastic new collection of summer dresses you can enjoy day or night. Whether you’re planning on spending your days lounging by the pool, traveling, or simply enjoying some casual time around the house with family and friends, we’ve got you covered.

Maxi dresses are especially popular these days, and with good reason—they are just as versatile as they are beautiful! You can dress these long summer dresses up or down easily with just a few quick changes in shoes, and accessories. Throw a cute cropped jacket or cardigan for a more professional look, or pair with some strappy sandals and jewelry for a glam night out on the town. These cute summer dresses come in a huge variety of colors and prints, from understated blues and wispy pink dresses, to bright and cheery floral and multicolor abstract dresses.

If you prefer a shorter look, there are plenty of casual summer dresses that are perfect for keeping cool while you show your legs off. You can go for a flirty knee-length asymmetrical hem, or explore your bold and daring side with a sexy mini dress. From our strapless to halter top styles—even daring plunging necklines—there is bound to be a Swell summer dress that calls your name.


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