22 Days of Action: Easy #ChooseToReuse Swaps

Sunday, April 10th, 2022

Welcome back to another 22 Days of Action moment of inspiration. We’ve introduced the campaign and we’ve taught you a bit about ways to Take Action, but for those who are looking for ways to live a more green lifestyle every day, some may be at a loss for where to start.

The best part about exploring a more sustainable lifestyle is that all you need to do is make some easy and simple swaps for everyday items and tasks you already do — no major lifestyle update needed!


At S’well, we also can help you kick start your #ChooseToReuse journey with reusable vessels and products. Check out the bottom of our post for some inspo!


Ready for some easy swaps? ♻️


1. In-Season is Always in Fashion

According to The Farm Project, “Buying seasonal food has a positive correlation with eating locally, because seasonal and local produce go hand-in-hand. This has several net-positive effects on the environment, including significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions since your food travels fewer miles to get to your plate.” This means enjoy extra watermelon in the Summer and squashes in the Fall, and even try out some new recipes while you’re at it. Looking for a list of seasonal fruits and vegetables? Check out the Seasonal Food Guide.


2. In Lieu of Buying New, Go Thrifting

Did you know that on average, it takes 713 gallons of water to make the cotton needed for one cotton T-shirt? That’s not counting the energy needed to farm the land, the time it takes factories to create cotton fabric, and the manpower needed to sew together a piece — we’re talking a significant amount of time and resources! If you’re looking for a new wardrobe for a new season, the best way to ease the strain on the Earth when it comes to fashion is to go thrifting. Some great shops with local branches include Buffalo Exchange, Savers, Beacon’s Closet, and it’s never a bad idea to check out your local Goodwill.


3. Pack Your Lunch – and Ditch Single-Use 

With the costs of an everyday lunch rising, it’s no wonder people are ditching their plastic bowls of greens and opting to pack at home. Now, it’s easier than ever! Better yet, you’re making a positive sustainable impact by doing so! Accessories to help you get started include a reusable lunch storage container (S’well offers S’well Eats, S’nack by S’well, and our new Salad Bowl Kit), reusable condiment containers to avoid little plastic cups (we have one of those as well!), and don’t forget to skip plastic silverware and outfit your lunch with reusable cutlery (We have that too!).


4. Save the Turtles, Use a Better Straw

This seems common nature — and a topic of a lot of environmental conversations — but it’s true! An easy swap to everyday sipping is to ditch a single-use plastic straw and opt for something reusable. Better yet, when you’re finished with your stainless steel straw (like the ones from S’well!), you can recycle the metal so it can become something new.


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