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    "I'm not talking about the way it was, just the way it's never going to be again" - George "Peanuts" Larson.

    In his book, Craig Lockwood gives us a rare look into the early beginnings of surf culture and a man who stood out in a time when "boards were made of wood and the men were made of iron." Larson, a Southern California icon at the time, was a man of many talents -be it surfing, free diving, lifeguarding, dory rowing, surfboard shaping, or body surfing- but he is perhaps best known for his legendary XXL rides off the coast of San Onofre. Since early surf history was rarely recorded, many of his legendary stories were nearly lost to the fading of time. Now through careful study of old photos, tall tales, yarns, myths and a host of both primary and secondary sources, Lockwood delivers one of the most complete studies of an early pioneer of big wave surfing and all around ocean skills. If you don't get the book for the empirical study of a larger than life character, get it for the hundreds of classic one-of-a-kind early surfing & lifestyle photos.

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