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    Sticky Bumps -Tropical- Wax - 6 Pack. Does anything smell better than a fresh bar of Sticky Bumps? The first and original traction added wax that's easy to apply and long lasting. Will keep you stuck to your board without melting off in the tropics/really warm water. A must for trips to Nica, Tavi, Bali y Más. Comes in a pack of 6 bars. Sticky Bumps.
    • Original Cool Temps: 58 to 68F / 14 to 19C
    • Original Cold Temps: 60F and below / 15C and below
    • Original Warm Temps: 64 to 74F / 19 to 28C
    • Original Tropical Temps: 75F and above / 24C and above
    • Original Basecoat Temps: All Temps 1st layer