Back to (Art) School with Sophie Schumacher 

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

With your supplies stocked, wardrobe replenished and that much-needed chill in the air, the onset of the new school year always contains the feeling of endless possibility. To get some back-to-school inspiration, we turned to Sophie Schumacher, who studies Textile Marketing and Design at the Rhode Island School of Design—and who also authors one of our favorite blogs, Sophie Shoelover. Read on to see how Sophie plans to use her S’wells this season.

The 17oz Bottle:
“I plan on using my S’well bottle during my before-class workouts to keep my water cold. My workouts vary from running on a treadmill to doing ab work or stretches on the mats. My S’well is the perfect shape and size to carry around the gym or keep in the cupholder of a treadmill.”

The Tumbler:
The Tumbler is great for me to pour my post-workout smoothie in as I rush out the door to get to class. Living off-campus, I have a ten-minute drive, and never give myself enough time to sit down for breakfast, so this makes it super convenient.”

The 25oz Bottle:
“I try my best to hydrate all day long, so the bigger the water bottle the better! The 25oz bottle is perfect for carrying water in my backpack to drink throughout the day.”

The Traveler:
The Traveler is amazing for coffee because I like to be able to sip it warm during my long days of class. Perfect for keeping my energy up.”

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