Tuesday, November 1st, 2016


Giving every voice the opportunity to be heard is a fundamental initiative here at S’well. Whether pitching new innovations, collaborating between teams, or talking about this year’s imminent election, every employee here is encouraged to speak up and lean in. Partaking in this year’s voting process is so important to Founder and CEO Sarah Kauss that she has chosen to close the S’well HQ office on Election Day, allowing employees the freedom and flexibility to vote and volunteer as they please. Read on to hear Sarah and her fellow S’well employees sound off on why it’s important to get out and vote.

We’re nearing the end of another election season. We’ve passed the signs endorsing one candidate over another; we’ve heard countless news stories that might make someone reconsider who they support; we’ve even watched the SNL sketches that are humorous, but sometimes seem to mirror what we’ve already been seeing. I decided to close the S’well HQ on November 8th, Election Day, because this election is so much more than bringing someone new into The White House; it will have a profound impact on the future of our country. We are lucky to live in a country that allows its citizens the freedom to have our voices heard and I want to encourage all of the S’well employees to exercise that right. I believe that we should seize every opportunity to make a difference in this world. Sarah Kauss, Founder & CEO of S’well

Less than a hundred years ago, women did not have the right to vote in the United States. A lot of very brave women paved the way so that I could walk into a voting booth and exercise this right. Every time I cast a vote for a candidate or ballot measure, I feel that I am honoring the work and legacy of these trailblazers. Kimberly, Project Management Team 

As citizens of this republic, voting is our most powerful tool to help shape our future by approving the policies put forth by our potential leaders. Millions of men and women made great sacrifices for me to be able to participate in our democracy and we should all do them a service by going out on Election Day and making an informed choice. Tauriac, Information Technology Team

On Election Day my wife and I, along with some co-workers, will be volunteering at a local shelter in our community. This level of giving back and care for others is something I believe should be a part of everyone, especially our world leaders. Brenden, Customer Service Team

This year I will be flying home to Miami, FL to cast my vote! This election is particularly important to the future of our country, and the right to vote is one that is not afforded to many people across the world, which is why I will be going to a great length to make sure my voice is heard. Staci, Design

Have an impact; if you want things to change, vote. If you don’t, you’re letting someone else drive and forfeiting your opportunity to share your opinion. Everyone’s opinion is part of the bigger picture, so remember that yours counts for something. Kristian, Operations

When do we get to choose our leaders? Maybe in school, possibly in business. It’s our gift and right as a citizen of this country to vote for the leaders — those who can affect change. It’s our responsibility as Americans to take the time to thoughtfully review the issues of our nation and elect the representative that best aligns with our own thoughts and ideals. Think about what kind of democracy you want – and go out and make it happen. Alison, Sales