Dig Into New With S’well Eats And S’nack By S’well

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

It’s a big day for us at S’well. Today, we proudly enter our next phase of bringing style, innovation and joy to sustainable living with the launch of new, vacuum-insulated food containers: S’well Eats™ and S’nack by S’well™. These fabulous insulated food containers and bowls help keep food hot or cold longer to transform dining on the go.

S’well Eats™ is our 2-in-1 food bowl that offers a triple layer, stainless steel exterior bowl and an interior prep bowl (from our Prep Bowl Set) that is microwave and freezer-friendly. It comes in two sizes and five of our signature S’well designs. S’nack by S’well™ offers a more playful, tote-able option for snacking on the go. It’s available in a 24-ounce size with a fold-down handle and a 10-ounce size that nests neatly inside for easy storage with 11 different colors and designs. All are top-rack dishwasher safe too!

“We know consumers are looking for a reusable food container that makes meal prep easier and eating on the go more enjoyable,” said Sarah Kauss, Founder & CEO. “S’well Eats and S’nack by S’well allow us to deliver on this need, while helping expand S’well’s commitment to create products that help minimize single-use plastic consumption.”

Grab one for a win! 

It’s time to rethink how you meal prep and treat yourself to a better meal
in style. Here are a few ways you can use your new S’well vacuum-insulated food containers:

    • Minimize your morning stress with pre-made overnight oats stored in your S’well Eats. 
    • The perfect fruit and granola parfait is only an inner prep bowl away. 
    • Prevent surprise spills of your chilled gazpacho thanks to the leak-proof lid. 
    • No prep bowl handy? Just store your hearty, homemade salad in the exterior bowl.
    • Fill your S’nack by S’well with fresh fruit or pretzels to keep them crunchy and fresh all day long.
                    • Switch it up and keep your favorite hummus or salsa the perfect temp until snacktime.




Now that you know how to use it, we want to talk about why we created it. Clay Burns, Product Design Director at S’well shares behind-the-scenes insight below:

What was the inspiration for the new food container design?

When we first decided to explore food concepts, the design team set out to understand who would be the primary consumers, and in what ways they might benefit from an insulated food container. We discovered that on-the-go food needs vary across a few common experiences: work, school, recreation, travel and events. Across these scenarios, four key needs kept surfacing during our research, particularly for the daily work commuter: leak-proof, easy to fill and eat from, microwavable and dishwasher-safe. 

We also discovered that many of the existing vacuum-insulated “food jars” fell short on these needs due to their tall narrow shape and metal-only construction. Instead of simply making a S’well branded food jar, we decided to try to challenge the market with something innovative.

What do you hope consumers will most appreciate about them?

First, we want people to think “hey, this is as enjoyable to eat from as a regular bowl!” We also hope the S’well Eats reusable interior prep bowls are valued for preparing meals and cleaning up, as well as being usable separately. That modularity is a key element in satisfying different experiences. 

Moreover, we want consumers to feel good about helping the planet while using fewer disposable food containers. And of course, S’well always hopes people appreciate our beautiful colors and patterns, as well as our physical designs.

How do you believe they bring something special to the market?

To our knowledge, S’well Eats are the only vacuum-insulated food containers that eat like a bowl, and offer non-metal insert bowls for meal prep and convenience. And we are just getting started! With this first food product, we are challenging the market with the inner bowl modularity and larger lids…

We are already designing for the future, so stay tuned!

As you think about sustainability and the challenges we face with single-use plastic, what do we need to be designing for in the future?

Curbing single-use plastic waste is crucial to everyone’s future. S’well would love to be consumers’ go-to brand for reusable containers you always have with you. We already make bottles, tumblers and safe stainless-steel straws. Imagine a future of food containers that are comfortable and easy enough to have along the next time you pick up a take-out order or have leftovers for dinner! 

And as the retail refill trend grows, I believe we can add value in other sectors. Without tipping our hat completely, take a quick look at your trash/recycling this week. You might see a single-use juice pack, seltzer bottle, plastic cutlery, plastic sandwich bag, or toothpaste tube. Each of these represent an opportunity to change the game, with lovable, lasting containers you use every day.