Earth Day 2020: The State of Sustainable Living

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

We’re living in extraordinary times at the moment. The COVID-19 pandemic that is sweeping the world has caused devastation and disrupted our daily lives immeasurably, we’re all adjusting to this new world order including Mother Nature. In a matter of months, the world has been transformed.

Travel restrictions are resulting in deserted cities, flights around the world have been grounded, this seismic change has seen a huge reduction in carbon emissions and pollution levels across the planet, but this has come at a huge human cost. As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we can’t help but ask ourselves how we will support the health and well-being of our environment moving forward — what climate actions will humanity take and what choices will we make to help protect the future of our planet and our communities?

At S’well, our mission to rid the world of single-use plastic bottles and support communities in need helps guide us as we create products that are both beautiful and eco-friendly, which infuse innovation with inspiration, and that helps us live more eco-friendly every day. We’ve been doing this for a decade and have supported charities like UNICEF to provide clean water for the world’s most vulnerable communities and developed programs like For The Frontlines that provide inspiration and hope when we need it most. At home and across the world, we’ve championed sustainability as a lifestyle choice through everything we do, helping displace four billion single-use plastic bottles over the years.

As part of S’well’s Earth Day 2020 programming, we commissioned the 2020 Sustainable Living Survey to better understand the attitudes 2,000 American and British 18-45 year-olds have towards sustainability, the environment and positive activism. The results indicated that American and British consumers adopt similar behaviors when it comes to living sustainably within their communities.

Both agreed that family was the most influential social group when deciding to take action for a cause with 42%. In fact, Americans and Brits were completely aligned that talking to others was the most impactful way to drive greater sustainable behavior (46%) and that recycling was the most effective way to reduce waste (75%).

There were also noticeable differences. 86% of Americans and only 67% of Brits believe they live sustainably. Brits believe sustainable living best describes an eco friendly lifestyle (46%) and are more likely to take action on global issues attached to the environment (42%). But Americans think of sustainable living in terms of personal wellness (43%) and align most with supporting people issues on a national (59%) level. Americans cite a lack of knowledge (46%) prevents them from living more sustainably, while Brits believe that a lack of financial resources (48%) prevents them.

Although there are local nuances, the survey results indicate that American and British consumers are committed to living as sustainably as possible. But they need and want more resources to help live sustainably. This is why on this Earth Day 2020,S’well will continue to deliver the best practices and opportunities for a more accessible and sustainable way of living.

We’ve launched a special Earth Week 2020 promotion and a sustainability partnership with Travelzoo that includes our first ever Sustainable Starter Kits, plus highlighting the power of people like you to change the world for good.

In these uncertain times, communities coming together to help preserve the long-term future of our planet is paramount. Join us in taking simple steps to change the world as we celebrate all that the Earth has to offer and our role in protecting it.

We’re in this together.