5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2018

Monday, April 16th, 2018

Earth Day is one of our favorite holidays here at S’well, as it gives us a reason to celebrate and honor our beautiful planet. It also serves as a helpful reminder to review our personal impact on the environment and re-commit to making earth-friendly choices every day.

Here are a few ideas for how to get into the Earth Day spirit.

  1. Take the Pledge — By 2020, S’well aims to help displace 100 million plastic bottles from entering landfills, waterways and other undesirable locations with the Million Bottle Project. We are asking people around the world to join S’well in taking the pledge to help minimize consumption of single-use plastic water bottles. (Each of us can displace the use of 167 plastic bottles per year, if not many more!) Together, we can create big change in the world, by making small changes in our everyday lives.
  2. Honor Earth Day History — What is Earth Day? Earth Day became an official holiday in 1970, in a moment when environmental concerns were significantly surfacing in mainstream culture for the first time. The creation of the holiday and Earth Day activities allowed the emerging environmental consciousness to gain traction, and helped to push for the passing of the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. It’s important not to take history for granted, and to remember that Earth Day celebration and advocacy can help make significant political change.
  3. Plant Something — Even if it’s a tiny potted herb on your New York City fire escape, putting your hands in the soil and adding something green to the world is the perfect Earth Day project that will make the planet—and you—smile.
  4. Practice Waste Reduction — Today is a great day to think about ways to reduce waste. Can anything you’d normally toss in the trash be recycled? (Hint: Look up your city’s recycling policies to find out what you can recycle and where—you might be surprised at how many things fit the bill.) What about starting a compost bin? If your neighborhood doesn’t have a public composting system, now might be a good time to start your own. Use a large Tupperware or bucket with a lid, and start a compost pile in your own back yard—or even on your fire escape. And don’t forget to replace single-use plastic products with reusable alternatives, like our S’well bottles.
  5. Be Present & Grateful — In our busy, tech-centered lives, it’s often hard to remember to acknowledge the ground beneath our feet, the color of the sky, or the smell of the trees. We love that Earth Day reminds us to reorient ourselves with the world—literally—and to give thanks to nature for all it provides every day.

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