Founder Sarah Kauss Shares the S’well Story on NPR’s How I Built This

Monday, May 4th, 2020

Recently, our Founder Sarah Kauss was interviewed by Guy Raz on NPR’s How I Built This – a podcast dedicated to sharing the stories of inspirational entrepreneurs and the movements they create.

In this candid interview, Sarah takes us on a compelling journey from her humble beginnings in Florida with entrepreneur parents to the defining moments that helped S’well create “a movement of people carrying reusable water bottles.” She highlights the hard work, bold moves and unique experiences that define the S’well story, while sharing her personal mission to eliminate single-use plastic bottles and help communities in need gain access to clean, safe water.

Learn how Sarah’s personal experience and S’well’s purposeful approach to business continue to transform the industry and shape the company’s future.

To hear more, including her thoughts on manufacturing an iconic bottle, building a purposeful brand, selling people on a vision, marketing without a budget, creating confidence, and taking bold moves, listen to the full interview below.


“I’m optimistic about the mission of S’well and I think one of the things that we’ll be left with on the other side of this is really how we’re all intertwined and we’re interconnected and that my actions and your actions matter for our communities.”

Founder and Executive Chairwoman Sarah Kauss






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