How to Travel Better in 2022

Sunday, February 6th, 2022

One month down, 11 to go. We have officially made headway into 2022, and after the whirlwind holiday season and start to the New Year, many are asking themselves when their next vacation is. We can’t blame you! 

Though we can’t ignore the elephant in the room — Travel has indeed changed over the past two years, and though we all are adjusting to the “new normal,” there has been a shift in where people are going (trading the faraway exotic beaches for local road trips) and what they’re doing (less crowded spaces, more nature and relaxation).


To help guide your next jaunt out of town, we put together a quick guide for better travel in 2022. We were inspired by our brand-new Travel Bottle Set, which just debuted this year. Now, you can increase your reusable footprint no matter where you’re off to!


Read on for more great tips ✍️


1. Pack smarter.

Long gone are the days where you have to pack single-use EVERYTHING for trips. Now, there’s something for just about everything. You can bring a reusable bottle on trips for round-the-clock hydration. You can pack your S’well Eats or Prep Bowls with pre-made snacks for long car rides or even plane rides. You can take advantage of the new Travel Bottle Set for toiletries. You can even bring your own cutlery!


2. Bag it up!

Don’t feel like you have to pack a million bags. If you can find one bag that can double as a carry-on and everyday bag, then you’ll save yourself some room in the Airbnb and a potential carry-on cost. Then, if you still have room, find a roll-up reusable bag like Baggu for any incidental trips where a smaller bag is needed.


3. Leave no trace.

We’re not saying you have to sleep under the stars or endure the rugged terrain to have a more eco-friendly trip in 2022. However, there are little things such as shopping local and using local modes of transportation that not only help the community you’re visiting, but also adds a fun experience for your list of vacation activities!


4. Choose sustainable accommodations and guides.

It might sound nice to stay at a ritzy five-star resort for a week, but after year after year of record climate crises, many are rethinking how certain travel accommodations and tourism affect the environment. Before you book, read up on how your local inn or hotel’s sustainability practices. Check in with your tour operators to see if they offset their carbon emissions (We love our friends at Contiki!). Prevent yourself from contributing to overtourism by opting for less-visited landmarks. 


Where are you thinking of visiting in 2022? Tag us at @swellbottle and #liveswell so we can see where you’re off to next!




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