As schools continue to adjust to the “new normal” with COVID-19,

water fountains remain closed. Students, teachers, and schools need our help staying hydrated as they navigate a new year and new classroom. That's why S'well launched Hydrate EDU, a bottle gifting and advocacy program for students in elementary, middle and high schools during the pandemic. So far, S’well has donated over 17,000 bottles to 3 countries, 35 states and over 50 schools to help administrators implement safe, sustainable solutions for hydration during the pandemic and beyond.

Schools continue to adjust to the “new normal” with COVID-19.

What we know

  • Schools are taking extraordinary steps to keep students safe.
  • Water fountains are turned off to help prevent the spread of Covid.
  • Students are expected to bring their own reusable bottls with water or to access refill stations (where available).
  • Some students can’t afford a reusable bottle.
  • Some teachers are using their own money to help students without reusables stay hydrated.
  • Children who are hydrated have a greater ability to multitask*
*The Journal of Nutrition, Sept 2019
This community needs our support.
"These water bottles permit our school to provide a more permanent hydration source to students who do not have the ability to provide it for themselves. Additionally, providing water bottles to students will limit classroom disruptions which promotes learning and supports our teachers and staff members. Thank you for your generosity and kindness. It truly is going to make a tremendous difference."

Mater Academy East
"I want to extend a HUGE thank you to you and the S'well company for donating water bottles to Lathers. They were a big hit with our little ones! They were SO excited to bring them to their classes each day and show them off in their zoom windows. We know they will last them a long time and be able to follow them back to in person learning in the fall! We've dramatically decreased the number of soaking wet backpacks and outfits from broken and leaking water bottles since the S'well bottles have been distributed. We cannot thank you enough for supporting our preschool and kindergarten students with such a generous gift to Lathers in Garden City Michigan."

Lathers Early Childhood & Kindergarten Center
"Being a teacher in these unprecedented times is something I could have never imagined. Each day, my colleagues and I came to school with a smile on our faces and made our classrooms a fun, safe learning environment. We taught our hearts out this year and I couldn’t be more proud to work for the Hoboken Public School District. Thank you, S'well, for your generous donation. The students and faculty of Thomas G. Connors School look forward to using our new bottles!"

T.G. Connors Elementary School