S’well x Leftys Right Mind

Friday, August 21st, 2020

We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with contemporary graphic artist Leftys Right Mind to bring you fun, New York City-inspired decals designed exclusively for Bloomingdale’s. In celebration of our new collaboration, we chatted with the founder and creative director, Danielle Stern, to talk about what inspires her, running a business, and what’s in store for the future of LRM.

Tell us about Lefty’s Right Mind. What inspired you to get started?

Running my own business was something I knew I always wanted. I grew up with a front row seat watching my Mom build her event planning business. It was super inspiring to watch her grow a thriving business on her own while also raising a family. 

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially when it comes to balancing work and your personal life?

Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. I definitely didn’t understand how many hours of sleep my Mom gave up in order to make it look as easy as she did. Having your own business while raising a family is no. easy. task. and it’s certainly not for everyone. There is no clocking in and out when you’re a founder; there is always work to be done.

Where did the name ‘Leftys Right Mind’ come from?

The name Leftys Right Mind is a double entendre, stemming from the fact that creativity comes from the right side of the brain. I am also a lefty, and in my right mind when working. My immense passion for art and design is how LRM came to be. I’m a little obsessed and purely in love!

Where do you find creative inspiration?

Since I can remember, I have been drawn to the art world, so fortunately inspiration comes very naturally to me. Everything around me is a source of inspiration. People, their individuality, other designers and brands, their stories, all of it is a source of inspiration. I pull from everything. The LRM team is also very lucky to work alongside clients with incredible visions. Our collaborations provide amazing inspiration that we get to piggyback on and grow into larger visuals. 

What about partnering with S’well for Bloomingdale’s felt right to you?

I have always been a S’well fan so when our decal development started, S’well was top of mind to collaborate with.  There is a very organic synergy between our two brands and with personalization being so huge these days, for me it was a no brainer.  I’m thrilled they felt the same way. Plus, I’m a New Yorker and Bloomingdales is a New York icon – it’s that simple!

What have been some of your favorite experiences since starting LRM?

I actually pinch myself on a regular basis thinking about the brands and people we’ve had the opportunity to work with. To name a few specifics: working with Ralph Lauren at NY Fashion Week and other events all over the country, working with Jessica Alba and her incredible team at Honest Beauty, and painting accessories for Rebecca Minkoff at the Nordstrom store launch in NYC. I’m so fortunate to work in a space I love and that I get to create and share my art with all of you! It is a true honor.

How do you see your art/design evolving over the next decade?

I’ve chosen to face the current pandemic head on and instead of letting it intimidate me, I’ve chosen to use it to my advantage. When life gives you lemons, take out the salt and the shot-glasses and fill them up with tequila! Over these last few months, there has been a lot of time spent at home building out my Pinterest boards dedicated to our current home renovation. I think LRM could really slam dunk in the home decor field.

We love people with purpose at S’well. What’s your purpose?

To spread happiness. I want Lefty’s Right Mind to be a brand that makes people smile and creates a positive force in the world. 


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