More Ways to Use Less with S’well in 2020

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Life gets simply better with less. Less plastic in the ocean. Less distraction. Less coffee going cold. Less salad getting soggy. Less of everything that isn’t making every day better, equals more fulfillment. 

At S’well, we believe you get more out of life with less. That’s why we decided to start 2020 with a bang with our first global marketing campaign ever. Many people know us as a stainless steel water bottle company, but not everyone is aware that we’ve become so much more than that throughout the last ten years. This new year, we’re celebrating all the ways that S’well designs more ways to help you use less.

Fuelled by our founding mission to rid the world of plastic bottles, S’well’s purpose has evolved from reducing the amount of physical waste in the world — by encouraging and facilitating the use of stylish, durable objects like our tumblers and ready-to-go prep bowl set – to bringing style, joy, and innovation to sustainable living. 

How will our new campaign bring all of this to life? Jessica Lauria, VP of Brand at S’well shared behind-the-scenes insight below: 

What inspires you most about the campaign?

Consumers are being more selective with what products they buy and how much of these products they bring into their lives. This campaign highlights S’well’s design, versatility and performance, and how our array of products fit into every aspect of life on the go. It’s also exciting to showcase our new innovations – our insulated food bowls, S’well Eats, are an office favorite, so it’s fun to give them some extra love! 

Where will we see it come to life? 

We’re advertising globally for the first time at S’well! This campaign will appear throughout NYC, Chicago, Washington DC, London and Toronto between now and March 31, and will come to life in OOH (out-of-home) – on billboards, subways, buses and more – and in digital and radio. 

If you’re in New York City, check us out at the Union Square subway station. Based in Toronto? Look out for us in Yonge-Dundas Square! Londoners – you’ll see S’well at several Tube stops, including London Bridge and Notting Hill stations. 

What’s the goal of this campaign? 

We wanted to creatively demonstrate how to change your wasteful habits and replace them with the functional and stylish products S’well has to offer. We are coming out with a strong point of view, a strong voice and strong visual language to show people how to make 2020 a S’well year. 

Ok, but how is S’well living up to its mission and purpose with this campaign?

A big part of the campaign is that it is sustainable in its own right. All media purchased is intentionally more eco-friendly (e.g., public transportation in major cities, digital billboards vs. printing when possible, solar recycling kiosks, etc.). In fact, 93% of campaign printing and production in the U.S. is recyclable and/or will be upcycled following the campaign. 

Any special shout-outs/thank yous?

Having the right partners is critical to the process. A huge thank you to our amazing agency partner, Mrs & Mr, who developed this idea and brought it to life. In three months, we went through extensive creative development, production and finalization of all the work (during a busy holiday time period). We are also grateful for our great media partners, Wit and Craft Media, for helping us find the best opportunities to showcase the work. 

Internally, we are so lucky to have Andrew Guirguis, our Brand Creative Director, on the team   with his great design aesthetic. And of course, shout out to Josh Dean, our CMO and fearless leader, who is steering the ship.  



More ways to use less will continue to be a message the brand pushes throughout the year. We want to always celebrate all that we make and do to help consumers live more sustainably.  Keep your eyes peeled for more to come as we dive into a new year and decade!