People with Purpose: The S’well Product Development, Engineering and Quality team

Monday, July 8th, 2019

The S’well team works daily to create products and a culture that makes the world a better place. But so do many of our team members, who go above and beyond, spending their time outside the office giving back and doing good. We’re proud to share these stories here in our People With Purpose column, and hope they inspire you as much as they do us. Next up, our Director of Global Sourcing, Katie Luk, planned a special outing for our Product Development, Engineering and Quality team.

  • Tell us about a recent experience that felt purposeful to you.


Katie Luk: The Product Development, Engineering and Quality team dedicated this year’s Valentine’s day to a day of volunteering. In God’s Love We Deliver headquarter in downtown Manhattan, we worked in their kitchen and prepared meals for men, women and children living with AIDS / HIV, cancer or other serious illness. The team spent 4 hours cutting vegetables, scooping soup, baking and wrapping brownies with other volunteers. We all felt great spending Valentine’s day in such a meaningful way.

  • What inspired you about this experience?


That the less fortunate people are really just right next to us, that they are not in some remote third world countries that we only see on the news. They are real and they need our help. It means so much to them to know that someone cares. It doesn’t cost much to help. All they need is our time and love, and there is so much we can do to make their lives easier.

  • What program(s) do you support? Why?


I support programs catered to the sick and the poor, especially with children.

  • What does purpose mean to you? Or what tips do you have for living a purposeful life?


Wow this is a very big question! I think everyone has their own way to live a purposeful life. However I would say this: Pay more attention to your surroundings. Instead of checking your email or looking at YouTube video, pay attention to people around you. You will see people in need of help. It could be a lady trying to carry her stroller up the step in a subway stop. It could be people asking for direction, No kind gesture is too small. Help anyway you can and together we will make this world a better place.

  • What would you like to do or do you plan to do next that is full of purpose?


My husband and I have been sponsoring a child in Bangladesh. We will consider sponsoring more in the future. That is, of course, aside from organizing another volunteer event for the team.