S’well and Lonely Whale Partner To Fight Plastic Pollution

Monday, July 29th, 2019

At S’well, we believe in the power of collaboration to help make the world a better place. So it makes sense that we’d launch a partnership with radical collaborators at the influential non-profit Lonely Whale to expand awareness about eliminating single-use plastic bottles wherever, whenever possible.

In June, with the launch of the campaign “Question How You Hydrate”, Lonely Whale and S’well together set out to encourage consumers, influencers and future advocates to take action against single-use plastic in a major way.


Taking SoHo by storm with a pop-culture savvy experiential activation , Lonely Whale launched the Museum of Plastic on World Oceans Day. It educated nearly 10,000 attendees of all ages on the dangers of plastic pollution. Through a collaboration with S’well, the interactive and Instagrammable week-long experience brought attendees face to face with the hard facts about plastic waste and highlighted reusable alternatives —namely S’well bottles! With unique art installations, virtual reality and more the audience engaged with the #hydratelike and #reducetheuse pledges, supporting the Million Bottle Project  and its goal of displacing 100 million single-use plastic bottles by 2020.


S’well continued its student sustainability work by supporting Lonely Whale’s Ocean Heroes program. Ocean Heroes HQ held the first-ever Ocean Heroes New York City Meetup, bringing together young activists from all five boroughs for a 2-day program that spanned the Explorers Club and the international NGO Peace Boat, in Special Consultative status with the United Nations. Just under 100 youth leaders came together for networking, capacity building and each walked away with new tools to create their own impact campaign to beat plastic pollution. Team S’well was on the ground leading a creative inspiration workshop modeled after our 2019 Earth Day Design Challenge.

This event was followed by Lonely Whale’s second Ocean Heroes Bootcamp which took place this year in Vancouver, Canada. Over 300 students from 20 different countries were in attendance for the two-day immersive program, including our Earth Day Design Challenge Winner Brandon, to learn more about taking action for the ocean.

Look out for more updates about S’well and Lonely Whale collaborating to end single-use plastic bottles!


We connected with Brandon and his mom, Wing, a local NYC school Sustainability Coordinator, to learn more about their Lonely Whale experience:

Tell us about your experience at the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp.

Wing: It was fantastic!  There was a lot of positive energy and the program was jam packed with many inspirational speakers and mentors of all ages.  It was great to hear their stories, experiences and suggestions.  I joined the youth workshops with Brandon because I am a sustainability educator myself and felt I would gain more knowledge by seeing action at the student level. Watching how the speakers engaged the youth was important to me.

What was your favorite moment during the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp?

W: Brandon’s favorite moment was learning about this app called Litterati.  It was fun for him to see how the app works to go outside, uncover and document all the hidden trash in the park.  I really like this app as well, it’s a valuable tool to collect data and go straight to the source.  My favorite moment was meeting and listening to so many people who are passionate and feel the same way about reducing waste. It was a great feeling! Sometimes you can feel alone when working on these issues.

How will you use what you learned to sustain positive change in your community?

W: When ordinary people want to make changes to their community they often face a lot of challenges.  There are many great tools and resources from each workshop and I met some incredible people at the boot camp that I can build a network of change makers to create programs and campaigns to make positive changes in my community.



And if Brandon and Wing’s feedback isn’t enough to make you want to be a Lonely Whale Ocean Hero, then let @sussexroyal be your guide!