#SwellAdventures in Oregon

Monday, September 26th, 2016

S'well water bottle essentials on adventures across the world


Welcome to the second installment of the #SwellAdventures blog series, a travel diary that highlights our fans and the adventures they encounter with their S’well bottle in-hand. This week we’re talking with Lana, a student with a knack for photography who recently crossed exploring Oregon and Washington State off her bucket list. Read on to find out more about her trip to the Pacific Northwest and where she’s planning on going next.


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am 18 years old, attending school in Florida where I intend on majoring in marketing! When I’m not at work I’m usually out taking a ton of photos or planning my bucket list.


#SwellAdventures blog series covers the adventures of S'well fan on her trip through Oregon and Washington


Tell us about your #SwellAdventure.  

Last month, I spent about a week total in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington State) going on spontaneous adventures every day. I went with my dad who had never been further than Nevada before. It was a really cool experience for both of us since mountains and huge forests are impossible to come by in Florida.


Why did you choose that destination?

I had seen so many photos of the huge peaks, waterfalls and creeks in the PNW and I knew that it had to be so much better to experience it all in real time. After that, I was looking at all the amazing trails there were and decided I had to make a trip over there!


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How did you plan for your #SwellAdventure?

Every morning we would get up and decide where we wanted to go. We rented a car so it was really easy to get to our destination. We drove a total of 1,500 miles while we were there!  


Which S’well did you take with you?

I packed my 25oz “Navy Alligator” S’well and I bought my dad a 25oz “Teakwood” S’well. I knew he really loved it for the trip but the awesome thing is he’s still using it several weeks later!


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What are your other adventure essentials?

We both had backpacks, camera equipment, snacks, maps, extra clothes, water shoes, etc. I brought my GoPro Hero 4 Silver and Canon 5D because documenting the sights was one of the main reasons why I went out to the Pacific Northwest.


Have any good adventure tips or tricks you’d like to share?

I would say: ALWAYS bring a map! If you’re on a trail that’s mostly unmarked, you will most likely lose service and your phone’s GPS will probably get confused. You don’t want to be lost 5,000 ft in the air without any sense of direction!


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What’s your favorite adventure to date?

Honestly, this was my favorite adventure to date. I’ve been to big cities like New York and Chicago, and while they’re amazing, it was so cool to be able to look out over what seemed like the whole world and everything be so quiet!


What is the next #SwellAdventure on your bucket list?

One place I’ve been wanting to visit is Thailand. I’ve been starting a bit of research and hopefully I’ll be able to make it happen within the next couple of years!


S'well water bottle travels from Oregon to Washington on an adventure of a lifetime


You can follow along on the rest of Lana’s adventures on her Instagram account. Don’t forget to share your adventures with us by tagging @swellbottle and using #SwellAdventures.