Team S’well Athletes Gear Up for Winter Games

Sunday, February 6th, 2022

Are you tuning in to the Games in Beijing? From the ski slopes to the effortless skaters, there’s never a shortage of amazing stories and awe-inspiring feats of athleticism to inspire us. 

At S’well, we’re extremely excited for the Opening Ceremonies and the following weeks of competition. We also wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the athletes representing all countries — 19 days of competition, 15 sports, over 90 countries, and a staggering 3,000+ athletes. Here at home, we’re also celebrating Team S’well and even our own home-grown athletes on the S’well team!


Take a look at some of our stars!


Ryan F., Logistics

Sport: Soccer, Football (University of Arizona, University of Tennessee)

What Athlete Inspires You: Tiger Woods

What Are You Looking Forward to Watch During #Beijing2022?: Skiing and Snowboarding


Nellie S., Marketing

Sport: Track, Soccer

What Athlete Inspires You: Allyson Felix. Not only is she an all-star athlete, but she also uses her platform to speak out on important topics like mental and physical health while opening the conversation to other women and athletes in the community. It was also empowering to watch her compete in the 2020 Tokyo Games as a first-time mother, proving how strong and resilient women can be.

What Are You Looking Forward to Watch During #Beijing2022?: I grew up skiing with my family so I always love to watch the freestyle and downhill skiing events. It’s amazing to see the talent of all the athletes on full display!


Christina L., DTC

Sport: Dance, Cheer

What Athlete Inspires You: I always admired Michelle Kwan growing up. I loved watching an Asian-American woman earn so much success in athletics, especially when I was often the only one on the teams I danced & cheered with. She always competed and acted with such grace, and that was something I tried to uphold too.

What Are You Looking Forward to Watch During #Beijing2022?: Figure skating is always my favorite winter sport to watch! I’m also looking forward to seeing Chloe Kim crush it in snowboarding again.

Mackenzie K., Marketing

Sport: Lacrosse (Arizona State)

What Athlete Inspires You: Serena Williams and the Williams sisters are the ultimate inspiration. A story of hard work, determination, and standing in the face of all the naysayers — She is the GOAT!

What Are You Looking Forward to Watch During #Beijing2022?: I’m so excited to see the Jamaican Bobsled Team back in action for the first time since 1998! Say it with me — “Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s bobsled time!”

Which sports are you excited to tune in for? Keep us updated every step of the way by tagging @swellbottle and #liveswell.