Here’s To An Active New Year

Friday, September 21st, 2018

The new year is all about starting fresh and making new commitments — which includes re-booting our bodies after too many holiday indulgences. We asked a few of our favorite fitness gurus how their S’well Sport bottles are helping them to change up their workout game this year. Here’s what they had to say:

Who: Jasmine Blocker, Runner for Oiselle and Team USA
Where to find her: @jas_blocker
Where she uses Sport: S’well bottles are definitely my go-to for any track workout! This is the only bottle I trust to keep my water ice cold through a long track workout under the sun.
Why she’s into it: “These S’well bottles are my go-to for any track workout. There’s nothing I look forward to more than a swig or two of cold water between reps. This is the only bottle I trust to keep my water ice cold through a long track workout under the sun.”

Who: Charlee Atkins, Founder of Le Sweat
Where to find her: @charleeatkins, @le.sweat
Where she uses Sport: SoulCycle, summer runs on the beach, summer HIIT outside, rooftop Le Sweat sessions
Why she’s into it: “For S’well to make a top that allows us to stay hydrated while on the move, not only contributes to our health, but also to our Mother Earth’s health — and that’s a double YES and YES for me!”

Who: Remi Ishizuka, Founder of
Where to find her: @rrayyme
Where she uses Sport: Pilates, Barre, HIIT, Weight Training, Long Walks
Why she’s into it: The new sports cap makes ALL the difference! I don’t have to use both hands to open it – makes it easy to drink water even when you’re multitasking. Plus, I love when my gym gear matches my outfit and with Swell I have so many different patterns and designs to choose from. It’s a game changer for me!”

Who: Joanne Encarnacion, Blogger and Lifestyle Coach at GOFITJO
Where to find her: @gofitjo
Where she uses Sport: Weightlifting, Yoga, Running, Cycling
Why she’s into it: “S’well has honestly changed the way I drink water. I’m madly obsessed with my S’well collection and incorporating the new Sport Collection is gonna be a game changer for my workout routines. The sport top is so convenient in workout classes like SoulCycle where you might only have a few seconds of rest to quickly sip water before you’re back in the saddle for an uphill climb.”

Who: Britney Vest, Blogger & Content Creator at
Where to find her: @fittybrittty
Where she uses Sport: Hot Yoga, Running
Why she’s into it: “This collection will forever change my workout routine by creating less spills, keeping my water cool when things get hot, and featuring fun patterns that will help keep things exciting. For me, anything that makes life easier makes life better – and that’s exactly what this collection does for me!”

Who: Tamara Pridgett, Fitness Editor at PopSugar
Where to find her: @tamsgoinham
Where she uses Sport: Weightlifting, Sprinting, Gym Workouts
Why she’s into it: “Having water that stays cold throughout my entire workout and day is always a plus. I wake up extremely early to train clients, and it’s nice to know that once I finally get my workout in, my water will still be cold and fresh. I get the most fatigued during sprint workouts, whether on the track or doing hill sprints on the treadmill, and knowing that I can grab my bottle and sip without spilling is great.”

Who: Taylor Sinning, Blogger, model and barre instructor
Where to find her: @taylorwalkerfit
Where she uses Sport: Barre, Bootcamp, Kickboxing
Why she’s into it: “I love being mid workout and having access to water almost immediately with the new clickable cap! When completing HIIT workouts, your breaks are short, and now I can remain hydrated and get right back to my workout.”



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