Top 6 Tips for Staying Organized (and Hydrated) in 2022

Monday, January 3rd, 2022

S’well teamed up with Erin Condren to debut two limited-edition show-stopping bottles to help any organization lover best prepare for the New Year. Whether you’re a fan of planners, mindful mapping, bullet journaling or anything in between, there are many ways to stay organized physically and mentally in 2022. 


We spoke with Candice Hamilton, Sr. Content Manager at Erin Condren who helped put together these amazing tips. Take a look!



1. Create a self-care routine.

Often the first thing to go when we’re busy, which is virtually always, is self-care.  Yet self-care is essential for staying organized, healthy, and happy in 2022 (and beyond). Create a realistic self-care routine that works for you using a guided journal for self-care or wellness. When life shifts, stay flexible! Instead of putting self-care on the back burner, add tiny tweaks to stay on track so you can continue to prioritize self-care and benefit from its stress-busting, productivity-boosting effects.


2. Cancel clutter.

Let’s face it: cluttered spaces can clutter your mind, mood, decision-making, and behavior. That’s four good reasons to organize your physical (and digital) environment sooner rather than later! Declutter and organize your home and office with multi-functional storage solutions like stylish organizers for your desk, countertops, drawers, and closets. This is a fast way to free up space (and refresh your décor) so you have more room to breathe, think, and reclaim your space.


3. Organize your budget, improve your finances.

Now more than ever, budgeting is a top priority for most households. However, most people don’t know where to begin. Start by learning more about your financial habits using the financial tools your bank or creditors offer. Then determine what’s working and what isn’t so you can set budgeting goals that set you up for financial success. In addition to digital budget-tracking tools, consider using a paper budget planner to organize it all. Physically writing down your goals increases your chances of achieving them by 42%


4. Healthy body = Healthy mind

Oftentimes, when we feel at our most hectic or disorganized, the stress can permeate to other areas of our lives. Creating routine isn’t just beneficial for budgets, cleaning, or other tasks — it’s also essential for nutrition. However — you don’t need to be a meal prep whiz overnight! The easiest place to start is staying hydrated and creating reminders and routines for hydration. Did we mention we debuted two bottles with S’well? 😉


5. Use time-blocking to stay organized at work.

Time-blocking is the practice of carving out time in your calendar to focus on a project, respond to emails, even take a break so you can refresh your energy. It’s a simple way to manage your time, boost productivity, and stay organized at work despite all the meetings, to-dos, endless notifications, and competing demands. Time-blocking can be a game-changer, especially if you work from home! 


6. Use a planner to get organized, reduce stress, and reach your goals.

Even when everything doesn’t go as planned, using a paper planner to organize your schedule, to-do lists, and goals can help improve organization, stress management, and time management. Studies indicate that planning on paper also helps improve learning and memory. So, grab a planner and plan your way to a more organized day! 



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