Expanding Beyond Water Bottles, S’well Deepens Purpose


S’well, looking to continue its expansion past swanky water bottles, says its first-ever ad campaign is also a way to deepen its commitment to sustainability.

S’well Goes Beyond The Bottle In Largest Campaign Yet


"The bottle brand positions itself as a sustainable offering in the new year"

S’well’s New Frozen 2 Line Will Make Snack Time a Zillion Times More Magical


Read ahead to get a look at these affordable, stainless steel gifts that are sure to make snack time that much more magical, whether your little one is obsessed with Anna or thinks Olaf is the funniest snowman on the planet!

The Cutthroat Battle Between S’well and Its Bougie Water Bottle Copycats


Entrepreneur Sarah Kauss built a thriving $100 million business — but she never imagined the hell she’d find on the other side

This S’well Food Container Is the Best Gift I Ever Bought Myself


Well, take it from someone whose job it is to find you the things that are actually worth your time and money: The S’well Eats Meal Prep Container in Teakwood is your new lunchtime MVP—and it doubles as one of the best gifts you can give this year.

From Casper to Glossier, These 12 New Brands Transformed the World of Retail in the Last Decade


Before S'well launched in 2010, water bottles were mostly functional tools. But S'well turned the water bottle into a sleek, upscale fashion piece and identity statement.

New S’well Barware Brings Top-Notch Insulation to the Cocktail Game


Now, S’well is back with its first foray into the cocktail world with a line of drinkware. Also made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, the line debuted with six items in two colorways: a champagne flute, a wine tumble, an ice bucket with tongs, a wine chiller, a carafe, and a shaker set.

The Latest Eco-Friendly Status Symbol? Water Bottles


As more people lug around reusable water bottles, these sippable containers—from upscale labels like Supreme and Prada—have become envy-inducing accessories.

How S’well Turned Water Bottles into a Fashion Accessory and Built an Empire


Enter S’well, a company that makes reusable water bottles with a sleek design and countless color options at a premium price of $35 for a standard size. S’well says it has sold over 20 million S’well bottles worldwide, all while founder and CEO Sarah Kauss has retained 100% ownership of the company.

How The Founder Of S’well Found Her Purpose In Driving Sustainability


Sarah Kauss is a former CPA and international real estate developer who found her passion as the founder and CEO of S’well, a global brand on a mission to create positive change in the world by minimizing single-use plastic consumption.

S’well’s New Food Containers Help Make Snacking And Meal-Prepping Sustainable


S’well announced this week that it was introducing two new stainless steel products: The S’well Eats and S’nack by S’well, which are vacuum-insulated food containers that serve as alternatives to single-use plastics.

The 25 Designs That Shape Our World


Her solution, the S’well bottle, combines a fashionable design with practical features, such as triple-walled insulation and BPA-free materials, and has become a familiar sight everywhere from gyms to office cubicles.

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Stilvoll erfriscen: Die neuen Trinkflascen mit Lipbalm und Kristallen

Stone-style drinking bottle from S'well.

What to Pack for Lisbon

UK Lonely Planet features Teakwood.

19 Reusable Bottles That Make Everyone Think You’re Cool

Get one of these highly covetable S'well x Liberty print water bottles, created in collaboration with the iconic Liberty Fabric.

Wie Sarah Kauss aus-Trinkflaschen ein 100-Millionen-Dollar-Unternehem Machte

Sarah Kauss and S'well featured in Germany's Business Punk.

These Gadgets Will Cool You Down This Summer

S'well has created a beast of a drink carrier - cool 24 for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.

8 Easy Eco Product Swaps You can Make To Your Everyday Beauty Routine

Founded with the mission to rid the world of plastic bottles, S'well is the fastest growing woman-owned company in the US.

This New Sustainability Project is Asking You to Stop Using Single-Use Plastic Bottles

April 24, 2018

"Single-use plastic bottles are one of the biggest culprits in terms of plastic pollution. That’s why reusable water bottle company, S’well, has launched the Million Bottle Project, a sustainability program to encourage people to stop, or at least decrease, their use of plastic bottles."

Leave Your Comfort Zone: Sarah Kauss

May/June 2018

"Sarah Kauss founded S'well in 2010 after ten years as an accountant- a mid-career leap from running spreadsheets for startups to setting up her own business selling steel water bottles. "

Gescrollt, Geliebt, Gekauft

April 2018

Women's Health Germany features 17oz Cattleya


March 2018

Germany's Petra features Swarovski Grace

Behind the Brand: S’well’s Sarah Kauss


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