UNICEF USA and S’well

At S’well, we understand the growing challenges facing the world’s children -- from climate change and natural disasters to violence and gender inequality. Nearly 800 children still die every day due to unsafe drinking water and by 2040, 1 in 4 children will live in areas of extreme water stress. For too many girls and women, water is a lifelong burden. Collectively they spend about 200 million hours a day gathering water, which is precious time spent away from school and learning.

S’well partnered with UNICEF USA between 2015 and 2021 to support efforts to increase access to safe water in the most vulnerable communities worldwide. Thanks to the commitment of our community, more than $1.35 million was donated during this time, enabling UNICEF to improve access to safe water for at least half a million people.

From 2016, support was directed to programs in Madagascar where, at the time, nearly 50% of the population lacked access to safe drinking water. In proportion to the annual funding contributed by S’well, UNICEF was able to:

  • Support 945,000 people living in rural areas to end practicing open defecation (including more than 459,500 children)
  • Enable 270,000 people to access improved sanitation and 469,800 people access safe water.
  • Ensure access to safe drinking water and hand soap for 130,950 school children (including 65,070 girls) in more than 990 schools.