Dreaming of a Sustainable Holiday?

Friday, November 30th, 2018

As the season of buying and gifting approaches, it’s more important than ever to consider how our consumption choices effect our environment and our communities. We caught up with Whitney Morris, who has dedicated her life to maintaining a smaller footprint (literally, she and her family live in a tiny craftsman-style home that’s only 400 square feet) about her plans for a thoughtful, sustainable holiday season.

“While the climate devastation is a sobering issue, making every day changes in our habits and lifestyle can be downright delightful, as we’ve discovered here at the Cottage. One of my favorite, easy ways to reduce waste and save money is by using S’well bottles, both here at home and while on-the-go. I was thrilled to share with you how we use (and use and use and use) our S’well products as essentials—every day and during the holidays.”

“We LOVE hosting in our tiny house! There’s something about a small space that makes everything feel a touch more festive and special—it’s just so cozy and sweet. One of the (many) things I love about S’well is that you can use the same pieces in your house and beyond it, minimizing the number of items you have to acquire, while reducing your dependency on single-use plastics and other similar disposable drink ware.”

“By reorienting our focus towards activities (rather than things) and community (rather than staying being our tiny closed doors), our family enjoys our holiday traditions immensely—they just look a bit different here. Nearly every community has SOMETHING going on—you just have to turn off your TV, open your door and GO. (And don’t forget to toss your S’well stainless steel water bottle and reusable utensils into your bag as you walk out the door!)”

“Micro-plastics are turning up everywhere—even in the food we eat, and the beverages we drink. We can do better. We HAVE TO do better for our bodies, our planet, and future generations. This means evaluating everything we buy and use (and then consider discarding)—from our every day sustenance to our holiday decor. Let’s take active measures together to ensure that we protect our planet for future generations—there’s no greater gift we could give them this holiday season and beyond.”

For more sustainability tips and holiday ideas, visit The Tiny Canal Cottage or follow her at on Instagram.



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