Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Chocolates, flowers, and cute stuffed animals will always be popular and a great gift option when it comes to gifts exchanged on Valentine’s Day, but every once in a while, it’s good to get creative. Gifts can range from romantic to practical, large to small. They don’t have to be extravagant or take a lot of time to plan. As long as it’s heartfelt and intentional, the person on the receiving end will appreciate the sentiment. 

Whether you’re sharing a message of love with a significant other or want to pass on caring wishes to a friend or family member, here are a few cool Valentine’s gifts to consider this year. 

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and Other Sweet Treats

When in doubt, go for chocolate and serve it up in various forms. Use S’nack by S’well containers to store sweet treat surprises for the perfect present. Chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate kisses, and chocolate sandwich cookies are all favorites of those at any age. Pack a few options with a personal note as part of your child’s school lunch or leave a container of treats on the kitchen counter with a red bow on top for a significant other to find first thing in the morning. 

However, if you want to deviate from the standard Valentine’s Day treats, bring back a nostalgic preference from when they were young or from a trip you shared together in the past. It’s easy to track down regional food favorites or make your own version at home to make the snacks extra special for the holiday. Either way, chocolate (and maybe red roses) is enough to make anyone smile. There’s no more universal perfect Valentine’s gift.

Perfect Pairing: 24oz S’nack by S’well

Day of Fun Outdoors

Sometimes the best Valentine’s Day gift is quality time. It’s something everyone craves more of and shows you’re thinking of the other person even when life gets busy. Although February weather doesn’t always call for outdoor play, take advantage of it no matter where you are. If you’re lucky enough to be on the coast where sunny days and moderate temperatures are plentiful in winter, plan a hike, bike ride or another activity outside. Gift your sweetheart a new S’well bottle to stay hydrated as you spend the day together playing outdoors or exploring an interesting trail. 

For those who may have snow come February 14, bundle up and break out the sled and head to your nearest park hill for some childlike fun. Don’t forget to pack the hot chocolate to warm up after you’ve had your fair share of sledding and snowman building. Take along the Traveler mug to keep your drinks hot for hours so it’s still nice and toasty when you’re ready to take a break or call it a day and hydrate. 

Perfect Pairing: 17oz Original or 16oz S’well Traveler 

Virtual Cocktail Making Class

Another perfect Valentine’s gift is taking a class together. For example, learning how to make cocktails is a fun and creative way to shake things up, so to speak. Make it a spirited party of two with a makeshift bar at home and learn how to mix up inventive drinks. Wrap one of S’well’s shaker sets with a card that has the date and time of your cocktail making class. 

If hard alcohol isn’t their drink of choice, check out other virtual options as well. Sign up for a virtual wine or beer tasting or mix-and match different varieties for a DIY valentine option and cheers with a new wine tumbler or drink chiller. Prepare a few, easy bar snacks to go with the drinks or order from your go-to takeout spot and enjoy trying something slightly out-of-the-box together.

Perfect Pairing: S’well Cocktail Shaker or S’well Wine Tumblers

Picnic at the Park

In terms of activities, a picnic can serve as a romantic dinner and a great Valentine’s day idea. If the weather allows, head outdoors near sunset. Spread out a blanket, a few tea candles, and an assortment of easy-to-eat foods. Pick a location on the quieter side to make the mood more intimate. If the weather isn’t cooperating as you’d like, keep the adventure indoors. Watch the sunset from the porch or put on a romantic movie as an alternative to a date night picnic.

This is also a great idea for families who want to spend the day together. Rather than wait for sunset, head out in the afternoon to your local park. Use heart-shaped cutouts for a lunch of sandwiches and fruit. Drink pink lemonade to fit the Valentine’s Day theme. And, make sure to take plenty of park games as well to enjoy a full day.

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Gift Card to a Favorite Store

Often, the best and most unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas involve buying someone what they need rather than what they want. Gift cards are practical, but they’re also meaningful when you have a loved one in mind. If your loved one is an outdoor enthusiast, commutes for work, or simply wants to drink more water, a “You’re S’well” gift card with your unique message will be welcome so they can choose the S’well that best fits their lifestyle. Sharing your sentiment about why you chose the gift card you did will let the person know you’re listening to their needs, which makes it a truly thoughtful gift.

Perfect Pairing: S’well Gift Card

New Traveling Mug and an Assortment of Coffee

A new traveling mug and an assortment of coffees, or a monthly coffee subscription to try different varieties, makes the list of cool Valentine’s gift ideas for the coffee lover in your life. Every time they use their mug, they’ll think of you. Pair the mug with a gift card to a local coffee shop or fill it with beans from their neighborhood spot as a thoughtful way of giving them something you know they’ll love. 

They may already have a go-to coffee brand, but those who enjoy it always like the experience of having other options. Romantic gestures come in many forms. Taking care of another person’s needs or fulfilling their practical desires can be just as sentimental as anything else.

Perfect Pairing: 15oz S’ip by S’well Takeaway Mug or 16oz S’ip by S’well Travel Mug 

Movie Marathon with Concession Stand Snacks

An easy and unique gift idea is setting up your living room as a makeshift movie theater. Lay out an assortment of snacks, including popcorn, candy, nachos, and soda to enjoy a recent theatrical release or a popular classic together. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, you can make it an all-day affair with a themed movie marathon. Watch multiple movies that star your favorite actor or watch a trilogy to enjoy the day cuddled and comfortable without interruption. 

Perfect Pairing: 18oz S’well Tumbler or several 10oz S’nack by S’well food containers

Love Coupons to Be Used Year-Round

A fun activity to do with kids and loved ones is creating love coupons to use as a family. Ideas can range from “free hugs” to “heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast” to “quality time spent together.” Everyone writes their ideas down on strips of paper to choose from during the week for the whole year. It’s a way to be intentional with expressing love and caring all the time, rather than saving it for one big Valentine’s Day activity or gift.

Love coupons can also be reserved for a significant other’s specific requests, such as a back massage or a candlelit dinner for two. It makes Valentine’s a day of planning as a couple to share romantic moments throughout the whole year as you think of creative ways to spend more time together in loving ways.

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Self-Care for Valentine’s Day

Lastly, Valentine’s Day isn’t just a holiday for romantic partners. It’s a day to be shared with family members, friends, and even a day to take some time for yourself. Make your day extraordinary by treating yourself in small ways. 

Buy a colorful S’well bottle and personalize it with your initials as a cute valentine’s day gift to yourself. Embark on a mini road trip to a place just outside of town that you’ve wanted to explore or a neighborhood that you’ve wanted to get to know better. Or, simply cheers yourself at home with a glass of wine and foods you love or run a bubble bath and sink in with a good book. Love is the theme of Valentine’s Day, however you wish to share it, express it, and take it in.

Perfect Pairing: S’well Champagne Flutes

Narrowing Down the Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 

There is an endless array of cool Valentine’s gifts to choose from to make Valentine’s Day feel special. It involves doing the things you love with the people you love, whether it’s in-person, online, or a shared gift sent from afar. Finding the perfect gift depends on how it fits the one it’s intended for. 

There are go-to gifts to fall back on that are sure to be a hit no matter what, but consider mixing it up every year to keep the element of surprise intact. When all is said and done, a home-cooked meal or simply a shared appreciation for each other can be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. So, no matter who is on your Valentine’s list this year, remember a gift from the heart always sends the right message. Consider some of these gift ideas and decide how you can make them your own.