S’well x Travelzoo Earth Day Partnership

Monday, April 20th, 2020

This Earth Day we are reminded about how fragile our planet is and how the actions we take every day impact its health. We’re seeing how stepping away and stepping inside are helping to make a difference today. But we’re hopeful that we’ll soon be able to step out into the world again to be able to do all the things we love — explore nature, visit new cities, check-off bucket lists and create lasting memories. And no matter where we are or where we plan to adventure, we want to do our part to minimize our footprint and maximize our positive impact.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Travelzoo to bring you our first ever S’well Sustainable Starter Kits — bundles of sustainability and travel savings to make using reusables at home or on your future travels easy and amazing. From backyard adventures to road trips and dream trips, these kits are the perfect companion to doing our part this Earth Day and every day.


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Dreaming about your next adventure? Consider these tips as you plan:

  • Plan ahead. Whether it’s your typical work commute or your dream travel destination, how can you create less waste before heading out the door? In order to successfully make the transition from living sustainably in your everyday life to living sustainably on the road, consider how you will get to your destination, what you will take with you and what you will buy when you’re there.

  • Consider your footprint. Think about eco-friendly options to minimize your footprint. Perhaps that bike tour is going to be a better fit than a bus, and that a local, hand-made souvenir can be a better (and more authentic) gift than the one made elsewhere. No matter how you choose to adventure, consider adding carbon offsets to your travel budget so you can give the earth a little more love!

  • Travel off-peak. Explore popular destinations when it’s less popular to do so. Not only does this reduce environmental stress on our planet’s most well-known places, but it allows you to contribute to their local economies when there are fewer visitors around and when those locals need it most. Plus, traveling off-peak is less crowded, and it’s less expensive. That’s a win-win-win!

  • Pack responsibly. Make sure to add reusables to your must-have essentials. Reusable bottles and straws make for easier hydration on the go, less plastic waste in your bag AND will save you from high prices found in airports and other tourists spots. That gives you more money to spend on new experiences (and locally-sourced souvenirs)!